Technical Services

Multimedia Laboratory (MML)

ICT Interactive has extensive experience in setting up MML for education institutions. Let us do what we do best so that you can concentrate in doing what you do best i.e. providing quality education to your students. A full range of services are provided to give educators and administrators peace of mind:

Hardware procurement

ICT Interactive has extensive procurement relationships with many major suppliers of hardware. Hence we are able to advice in hardware procurement.

At ICT Interactive, we recommend hardware specification based on the customer needs and will help our customers to secure the best deal. For example, if we are setting up more than one MML for our customer, we will normally suggest a single brand of PC for ease of maintenance and lower long term cost of support.

Software procurement

As much as possible, we will recommend use of open source technologies. However we do understand there are hidden costs in open source notably in finding qualified personnel to support the open source systems. Hence we strive to understand the nature of environment in which our customer operates before recomending the adoption of any software.

Web Server Hosting

If your MML requires access to any Learning Management System (LMS) or Content Management System (CMS) that need to be hosted in a web server, we are able to provide quality and stable 24/7 webserver hosting; both internally withing a local area network or externally in our live web server.

Network Security

Security is an all time important issue. We provides setup of firewall, both hardware and software. We advise on best practice and on the use of latest tools in securing MML PCs from costly and time consuming reinstallation of operating system.

Remote Maintenance

Depending on the needs, we are able to provide next working day remote maintenance in case our customer’s IT staff is unable to resolve problem faced. Remote maintenance cut down on support cost at the same time provide speedy resolutions.