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Instruct is a secure online resource site for instructors at ELS Language Centres. This site is used to share teaching and learning material among ELS teachers as part of the continuous learning and improving efforts at ELS. The website is also use for making announcements of upcoming events, sharing of useful links and getting instructors ready for workshop. For example, every new teacher at ELS is required to undergo a Teacher Certification Programme (TCP) to learn “how to teach the ELS way” which is the communicative method in teaching conversation, structure, listening, reading and writing. Teacher is also introduced to company policies and procedures during the workshop.

As the users are English language teachers varying in age from 25 to over 55, the design takes into the account of simplicity with ease of locating the information they require. The purpose of this layout is to clearly define each section of the website without anything fancy. The main colours are shades of orange and grey which is an extension of ELS corporate color inline with their branding initiative.