Interactive Media

Getting the right message across to the identified target audience in the most concise manner is always a challenge. This is crucial in today’s media packed world where our attention span is ever decreasing.

At ICT Interactive, our practice is to always create a holistic view of our customers’ needs before embarking to develop a solution for them. We also place great emphasis on end user experience; believing that user friendliness is a pre-condition instead of an added bonus.

Our expertise in interactive media includes:


It is essential for websites to be designed in a standard compliant way to facilitate constant content changes and revisions. Furthermore, the benefits of standard compliant design also include user friendliness in terms of ease of loading, optimization for search engine and multiple browsers compliant. For example, most of our websites are XHTML and CSS compliant. Fundamental concept to separate design from content has proven from time to time to reduce support cost and shorten turn around upload time.


Increasing demand for quality audio clips is fuelled by broader penetration of broadband technology. ICT Interactive has an in house audio recording facility such as sound room and recording equipments. Our qualified local and foreign vocal talents are able to produce quality educational voice over such as audio books, pronunciations, conversations and etc. These audio can be delivered via web or CD and work hand in hand with technology such as podcasting to provide engaging learning experience.


We adopt the Macromedia pioneered Flexible Messaging Area (FMA) that convey important high impact messages as an advertising method in our interactive media approach. We also develop flash applications such as educational games and learning objects.


We believe in blended learning approach in making learning an enjoyable experience. Small video clips over the Internet are made popular by YouTube. In line with this current trend, we are capable of producing interactive clips of learning video as well as marketing/advertisement promotional video on demands.


Photography and print media creativity are the bare essential of any media company. Our experience multimedia developers are able to capture the essential ideas and produce work with styles that range from professional and elegant to humourous and funky. ICT Interactive has in depth industry experience in digitizing magazine layout and works frequently with various printers.