Computerised Administration System is an administrative system that help manages day to day operations in small and medium size education institutions such as tuition centres, language centres and colleges. The system helps track students from the first day they walk in for registration to the last day when they walk out after graduation ceremony.

Student Information

This module captures all essential students’ personal information and enrollment histories. This information is stored and linked with other modules in the systems and are useful for reporting purposes. At anytime, administrator is able to pin point the current where about, academic status and attendance status of any student. This is particularly useful when parents are enquiring about their children’s progress.


All student payment transactions are recorded according to accounting industry standard. Invoice, receipt and account statement can be generated according to different user authorizations. Mechanisms to deal with mistakes made such as authorized cancellation of transactions are also available.

As financial information is critical, stable and secure transactional database are used in the system. CAS4 has the capability to synchronise to another remote database (usually headquarter or data center). This feature provides security as database can be restored during emergency e.g. hard disk failure.


The academic module enables academic staff to key in students’ results. These results are then tabulated based on user defined criterias and presented in concise reports. Both students and teachers attendances can also be recorded in the system. Certificate and transcript generation and printing are then just a click away.


The system provides many useful reports that give administrator of an education institution an overview of the:

  • Current enrolment figures
  • Financial collection
  • Academic performance

This helps in identifying weaknesses in operation and facilitates strategically decisions to be made at the earliest possible.

Automation using CAS4 effectively takes away many labor intensive tasks from administrative and academic staffs thus freeing them to provide quality customer service and attention as well as superior academic instructions to the customer i.e. the students.