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Just English Magazine website is the online companion/support site for the Just English Magazine. First launched in 2004, the website was a pioneer in terms of technology. It was the first education site in Malaysia to have RSS feeds and to feature standards based design as well as to follow useability guidelines not commonly implemented in many locally developed websites at that time. This website continuously undergoes significant revamp to strengthen its presence on the education industry by providing more useful features.

Just English Magazine uses a graded reading approach to develop skills in students to read a periodical in English for information. In the process, readers develop the confidence to read a general interests magazine for pleasure. Students and teachers will find supplementary materials related to the magazine on this website.

Currently, there are many learning resources for students such as audio narration for selected passages, pronunciation practices and student worksheets. For teaching resources, teachers have a special separate section where they can access supporting material, lesson plans, suggested answers to worksheets and forum discussions. The website and magazine target learners of English age 15 and above.