Envoy is a multimedia laboratory (MML) management system. This system essentially manages the access to applications that are residing in MML PCs and servers; hence the name Envoy which is synonymous with “go in between”.

Benefits of the system includes:

User Management

Envoy ensures that only authorised users are able to access and use the facilities within MML. The system can be linked to CAS4 to ensure seemless integration. Students that have just registered and paid their tuition fee can walk directly to MML and logon via Envoy to start learning.

Applications Management

Administrator is able to group different applications and grant access to different group of students. Typical use of this feature is to lock/unlock certain education software for different group of students who are studying in different courses.


Important announcements and notices can be broadcasted via Envoy. Different messages can be directed to different group of students.


Coupled with other management tools, Envoy is able to provide a level of protection to MML PCs operating system. Users are directed to the authorised applications and hence reduce the chances of “wondering exploring and clicking” that may mess up usually unprotected MML PCs’ operating system.

Personal Touch

Using Envoy in MML gives the student a more personal experience as the menu of available applications changes according to the course the student enrolled.