About ICT Interactive

Incorporated in Malaysia in May 2003, ICT Interactive mission is to provide effective and engaging learning experience for learners and instructors.

About the company

ICT Interactive business model focus on Interactive Courseware Development and Online Learning. The company provides complete solutions through rapid application development of educational content and flexible delivery platforms; to cater to the needs of government and private sectors. Online learning courses are developed and offered using state-of-the-art content management and learning management systems.

Capitalising on the increase use of the English language regionally in particularly the implementation of the teaching of Science and Mathematics with English in Malaysia; and with the new improved Internet technology and broadband infrastructure; ICT Interactive is confident that Malaysia and the region is ready for e-learning.

As a company competing in the global market, ICT Interactive strives to be the leader in education technology by pioneering the use of leading edge open standards-compliant and open source technologies in education. To this end we work together with international partners who are leaders in the global educational ICT industry themselves. We aim to become the premier developer of interactive multimedia systems and content. We believe in the quality of the educational products that we develop as part of the social and civic responsibilities of a Malaysian corporate entity in nation-building, extendable and adaptable to any educational system in the region and in the world.